About Manon

“In my mind I already see what kind of jewelry I want to create. Now my hands have to do the work...”

“When I’m sitting at my workbench with the smell of casting the gold in my nose. With my hands dirty from all the sanding en polishing. With a cup of tea next to me… That’s when I’m in my element.”

When I was a little girl, I already loved to create and design little things.This way I could dream away in my own fantasy world.

Working with the most beautiful things Mother Nature gave us; pearls, gemstones and gemmetals gave me exactly that same feeling.

“Turning a simple piece of gold into a wearable jewelry, for me.. is magical.”

Afther I graduated High School, I went to an University in Enschede to do a short illustratrion education. After that, in 2006, I started the education for goldsmith, in Schoonhoven. During this study I got 2nd during the “Schone” Design competition. With a design inspired on the ArtDeco.

“The Art Deco is a big inspritation for me.”

After I graduated as goldsmith, I chose to work in wage labor. This way I could learn all the techniques really well. And soon, I started creating my own jewelry. Afther a few years I showed my first collection to the world.

“For me, it’s very important that every little peace of the design is perfect. This way it’s becoming one piece.”

When I’m creating a new jewelry for my collection I let my fantasies and feelings run free, I get my inspiration from the most daily things. Gardening, a walk in the woods or reading a book, can give me enough inspiration to start a new design.

With some drawings I’m trying to get my idea out of my head and on paper. After that, I start making a sample with for example wax.

Usually it takes a couple of months and samples before I’m satisfied with what I want to create.

“In my mind I already see what kind of jewelry I want to create. Now my hands have to do the work…”

I already made a few collections. Beside that, I also love to make unique high end pieces with special gemstones or pearls. Take a look in my webshop for a overview of my jewelry.

I only buy my pearls and gemstones from reliable dealers who can assure me that the pearls and gemstones are untreated.

“A memory of a special moment.”

Besides my own designs, I also work on commission I try to feel what my customer feels and create a jewelry that suits my customer.
This often concerns a special moment in someone’s life, beautiful but also less beautiful moments.

This can be a birth jewelry, a christmas gift, a engagement ring or weddingring. Beautiful moments to give or receive a piece of jewelry as a present.

Also less beautiful moments such as the loss of a loved one. I think it is very nice to be able to help someone with the mourning process through a piece of jewelry.
In a mourning jewelry it is also possible, for example, to process ashes or a fingerprint.

Have a piece of jewelry made to measure

Are you considering having a piece of jewelry made to measure? Please contact us for more information via the contact form or by calling me on +31 6 1221 0132.

2006 diploma, Illustratieve vormgeving Enschede
2010 diploma, Goudsmid ondernemer Schoonhoven
2010 diploma, DGI Edelsteenkunde 2