Midnight goddess interchangeable earrings

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Let me introduce to you the “midnight goddess” 🖤

These earrings are interchangeable and one of a kind.

I combined two designs of mine, the “seedling” and the Art Deco earrings.

The top of these earrings are made out of 18 k whitegold and salt and pepper diamonds.
The shape of these top studs are “seedlings” one of my designs.

These diamonds are called salt and pepper diamond because of the inclusions in it. They give it a grey look. And they make these diamonds unique there isn’t a second pair of these.
I have specially selected these ones for the earrings.
Why not pick a diamond who is not perfect but that’s just what makes them perfect?

Imperfection, in Japan they call it wabi sabi

The pendants are made of zirkonium and engraved with an Art Deco pattern.
Zirkonium is a grey coloured metal that turns black when you make it hot.

And good to know zirkonium is a
lightweight metal so it is really comfortabele to wear.

The diamonds have a total ct of 0,46 ct

The total length of the earrings is 41 mm

The price is the total price for the earrings, if you want to know what the prices are for the other earring combinations? Just ask me.

You can read more about the “seedling” collection here 🌱