Circles of life, ring gold moon

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When you’re expecting, you just can’t wait to hold your newborn in your arms.
The moment you find out that the baby didn’t make it, it hurts so much. Sadly, I had to experience it myself.

I had to deal with all these emotions and that’s why I created a jewel for myself.
I created this Cirkle of life ring.

If you had to deal with this kind of loss also, then maybe this ring can give you the strength to handle the grief.

The spiral on this circle stands for the uterus.
The spiral runs over in a moon that represents the child that is no longer here.
And in a lot of cultures the moon is also a symbol for women.

Circel is 6 mm
The base of the ring is 1,5 mm round
ring is 14 k gold

This ring is custom made for you after ordering, the delivery time is therefore 5 to 6 weeks.
If you need the ring faster or are you curious about the possibilities with regard to other materials,
please feel free to contact me.