On the side, ring made from greengold with freshwater pearl


I called this ring “on the side” because you don’t wear the pearl in the middle but asymmetric. The pearl lays on the little finger.⠀

The little finger is a little lower then the other fingers, so you can see the pearl and diamonds the best.⠀
On the photo’s you can see how you wear it.

I make the ring out of one strip of gold so it fits the pearl perfectly.

14 k green gold ring with Fresh water pearl (9 to 10 mm)
3 x 0.005ct (1mm) white diamonds. total 0,015ct

Please notice that green gold is a alloy that has a hint of green in it.
It is a soft alloy so it will deface faster then 14 k yellowgold.
The colour of the greengold and the pearl intensify each other.

The size of the ring is 18,3. The ring is resizable.

If you are interested in this ring,
please feel free to contact me.