Seedling earrings 18k with Medusa quartz


Unique “one of a kind” design.
These gemstones are so special they ask for a unique design.

These are medusa quartzes with a beautiful multi colour flower pattern. ⠀

It is known as the medusa quartz because if you look at the formations of Gilalite, it almost looks like the tentacles of a jellyfish 🐙⠀

These quartzes have a beautiful colour and are also transparent so the light can shine through.
I immidiately fell in love with them and had to buy them.

These earrings are gonna be made out of 18k yellowgold.
Unique medusa quartzes
And 2, 4 mm purple garnets.
And on top of these earrings there will be 2 seedlings.

This handmade rendering on scale is still on paper.

When you buy these earrings I will start making them for you.
The delivery time is 6  to 8 weeks.
For questions about the delivery time or other materials, please contact me.