Sizes & Treatment


Your ring size can be measured by Victoria in the studio, but if you’re not in the area, you can pop into any local high street jewellers, who can measure your finger size for you. Ring sizes in the UK are measured alphabetically, and are read by either ‘leading edge’ or ‘centre’. Please ask for the ‘leading edge’ measurement when you get measured. Two rings that measure the same size (M for example) will fit differently on your finger if, for example, one is 3mm wide and the other is 5mm wide, as the extra width will make it feel tighter. So make sure the ring sizers you try on are the same width as the ring you intend to order.

A good fit is one that goes on without a struggle but needs a wiggle to come off. Our hands can swell when they’re hot, so try to get measured when you’re relaxed and at a normal temperature.


Silver is a metal that naturally tarnishes, and exposure to skin products etc can speed up this process. To clean your silver jewellery at home, first gently rub with a soft toothbrush and fairy liquid to remove any dirt, and rinse under running water. Then dip for a few seconds in silver dip and rinse thoroughly again under running water. Dry gently with a paper towel. Sometimes repeating the silver dip and rinse a couple of times can help.

A matt finish on jewellery will almost always, in time, wear down and buff up to a slightly more polished look (particularly in raised areas). This is simply due to the natural rubbing and contact jewellery comes into as we move in daily life. To re-matt your jewellery at home, gently rub with a brown scourer. This is not exactly the same finish as applied in the workshop, but works well to dull down any shiny areas.

If you are unsure and would prefer your jewellery cleaned professionally, feel free to post any of your Victoria Walker jewellery to the studio for a free clean and re-finish.