Bloom ring, 18k gold with green sapphire

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This is the “bloom” ring.

My designs come straight out of my heart. And the “seedling” and “bloom” designs are kind of the story of my life. I sit down and let my hands do the work while I work on a new design. I diden’t realise it at first but the “bloom” ring is a sequel of the “seedling” design. Which I made earlier.

The “seedling” design stands for a new beginning while the “bloom” ring stands for the next phase, and represents the phase when things are flourishing.

You can see the little pink flower who inspired me to make this design on the photo.

The ring is made out of 18k yellow gold and a 0,90ct Sapphire. The Sapphire is all natural and isen’t heated or irradiated to improve the colour. As you can see this Sapphite has 2 colours which is called bicolour.

The size of this ring is 17 (Resizing is available.)
Total weight incl sapphire is 6,7 grams.
The band of the ring is round and 2 mm.
Size of the flower is 12/ 11 mm.
Size of the sapphire 5,1 mm.

If you have any questions regarding this ring or about the size of the ring? Don’t hesitate and just contact me.