Seedling, ring with green tourmaline

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When I saw those little seedlings grow in my garden I got the inspiration to design this ring.

A “seedling” is the beginning of a plant. This ring therefore symbolizes a new beginningšŸŒ±

Life often has several moments that are also a new beginning. Such as, getting a degree, getting engaged, wedding, starting your own business, or having a baby.
This ring would make a perfect birth present, pushpresent, engagementring or wedding band.

Of course, the ring can also be worn if you just really like the design.

This ring comes standard with a green tourmaline.
The tourmaline is 4 mm in diameter.
14 karat yellow gold
The bottom of the ring is 2 mm, it narrows slightly at the top about 1.7 mm.

This ring is custom made for you after ordering, the delivery time is therefore 5 to 6 weeks.
If you need the ring faster or are you curious about the possibilities with regard to other materials,
please feel free to contact me.